About Us

Nareena Lifesciences Private Limited Is a premier provider of various Medical disposables, Home healthcare and Diagnostic devices apart from this Nareena Lifesciences intend to achieve great heights in Medical Diagnostics by offering quality devices. A tour head quarters we have approximately 12000 sq.feet warehouse stocked with various products and equipment to address your needs, we maintain a extensive database of specialty products, which we shall be happy to supply on priority basis as per your requirements. Our Products are varied, which for your convenience have been classified into the following catagories

Medical Disposable Devices

Home healthcare Devices

Home healthcare Devices

ll of our products are of highest quality and we stand by every thing we sell, But more than the products, we take great pride in the people who will work with you to address your needs; It’s these people, theirs kills, compassion, dedication, experience and care, that would make Nareena Lifesciences an Indian Flagship Company widely recognized world over with our Moto

"Sharing quality and care”.